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The IWLA Directory is Here!

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IWLA Directory

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Integral Group has been a been a member of IWLA for about 6 years and find our association with the group invaluable. We use it to stay abreast of this dynamic industry that we service.

If you are a 3PL, and not currently an IWLA member, we encourage you to join. Membership lets you stay in touch with your peers and have access to data, programs, legal counsel and guidance. And, be highly visible for suppliers looking for your services with the added bonus of the credibility of IWLA.

For suppliers, the Directory in particular, is an unparalleled tool to find 3PLs in your area. As IWLA members, suppliers also have access to the same wealth of insider information and support.
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IWLA and DC Velocity collaborated to produce the 2019/2020 Directory of Warehouse Logistics Providers and Partners. There are more than 341,000 subscribers who have already received the guide and have potential buying power.

The guide is a good marketing tool/resource to generate external business, as well as a “go-to-guide” for our members to connect with each other.

Join IWLA today to ensure your company is listed in the 2020/2021 directory and receive other IWLA membership benefits. For more information, contact the membership director at Download the 2019/2020 Directory of Warehouse Logistics Providers & Partners today and experience the power of marketing and networking for your 3PL warehouse.

Michele Schueler
Marketing & Public Relations Manager at IWLA
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IWLA 2019 Convention & Expo

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International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) – Your Warehouse Reimagined
In March, Savannah Georgia is home to the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States (after New York); about half a million people attend. This year, it was also home to the IWLA Convention and Expo – with a more select attendance. (Yes, we recognize this as random – perhaps for that reason alone … it’s interesting.) Embracing this, the IWLA convention had a secondary theme of Luck o’ the IWLA – because, really … why not?
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Our own Tamas and Lee were at the convention and, as has been the case for the last 6 years, had a very worthwhile time. First, a shout-out to Jay Strother and his team for their work pulling it all together.

This year people were talking about robots as the standout emerging idea. Robots hold a practical place in the future of the warehouse industry … and, let’s be honest … they are just super cool. We had many conversations about robot technology and in particular, with
6 River Systems. Integral Group is about blending people and technology to make EDI and integrations faster, easier, less susceptible to errors and more cost efficient. 6 River Systems applies the same philosophy to warehouse robotics.