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How to succeed at EDI integration...

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EDI integration is not a plug-and-play off-the-shelf solution. We customize the integration to your environment - the application(s) you use, your retailers and the transactions you exchange. For us to do this, some upfront client effort is required. The upside - significant and ongoing - is that the success resulting from the integration more than justifies the preliminary work.

See Crisp Retail Data Insights in Action

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Our regular readers know that Integral Group joined Crisp to offer our customers an end-to-end solution to manage their supply chain data. With our EDI solution, you have compliance, automation, and visibility for the lifecycle of your orders.

But do you have tools to show what happens to your products once they are in stores?

That’s where Crisp’s dynamic and real-time data platform can help. Layering in the Crisp solution, you can see what’s happening with your products once they are in stores.

Recession Proof EDI + API

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While we’d never suggest that there is one magic wand answer to dealing with a recession, Integral’s EDI outsourcing service offers some meaningful help. EDI is an automated order management process that integrates with your current business applications. EDI has proven to be a solid recession-proof solution.

Doing EDI with Integral is an easy way to get some significant wins:
-Realize immediate savings
-Managing expenses
-Increasing efficiencies to lower costs
-Stabilizing labour costs
-Landing and retaining customers

We’ve Got Huge News!

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We’ve Got Huge News!

Integral Group is now part of Crisp Inc.

Let’s get right into this – why is this exciting, and what’s in it for you as our customer?

First, let’s talk about things that will not change …
The Integral Group management team will continue to run the company with the same integrity and investment in our customer relationships.

Our team will provide the same dependable services and superior support our customers have enjoyed for over three decades. And all the team members you currently deal with will remain the same: You can meet our team here.

Our core business remains EDI compliance, application integration, and API connections throughout the supply chain.

But we want to offer more to our customers. We want to provide our customers with every tool possible to succeed. We want to be able to innovate and develop new technologies. We want to broaden our scope to address our customer's end-to-end supply chain requirements. Enter Crisp.