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Integration with Oracle ERP

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The need to integrate EDI customer connections with server-based Oracle ERP and with their 3PL provider drove this Canadian Pharma to outsource to Integral Group. The project was, and continues to be, so successful that the Pharma has engaged Integral Group to create custom applications to improve several of their business processes. Click ‘read more’ below to see our latest case study.

Zoho (Case Study)

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In this case study we talk about a mid-size Distributor that is part of the food wholesaler industry dealing with consumer-packaged goods (CPG). They faced the enviable problem of a dramatic increase in orders. The order increase necessitated that they replace their manual inventory system with automation: Zoho Inventory. They chose Integral Group to ensure that the new Zoho module was integrated with their EDI order management.

Once Zoho was integrated, all orders are captured, inventory is tracked and real time stock levels are maintained across all channels. Integral Group is the linchpin connecting the Distributor and Zoho Inventory for the stock tracking automation that will propel the Distributors business forward to realize the growth and prosperity they expect with their new business win.

Infor Visual ERP Integration (Case Study)

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In this case study you will read about an automotive supplier whose orders depended on custom EDI integration with their Infor Visual ERP. The continued flow of their order management was put at risk when their current EDI provider underwent corporate changes and chose to no longer support the custom integration.

ALCA Distribution Case Study

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EDI and integration - and the automation that comes with them - has helped to make ALCA Distribution more efficient and productive. Click 'read more' below to see our latest CASE STUDY: