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Integrating EDI with your WMS or 3PL provider

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Using Integral Group integration services, you save money by only paying for a single set-up.
With Integral Group integration, there is only one set-up that incorporates all of your customers – present and future. We create what amounts to a huge record layout that houses all of the data fields required by your entire customer base. The information is then extracted as needed to create the custom 940s required by your 3PL.

With Integral Group Flat Rate service plans, you don’t pay for customer sets-ups.
We don’t charge customers over and over again for trading partner setups. We’re already connected to 650+ retailers and manufacturers in North America and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All customer setups are included in our flat rate plans.

Using Integral Group integration services, there is no burden on your system to maintain extraneous data.
You don’t have to maintain a massive internal database for all data fields that are required by each customer’s unique 850 layout. Integral Group receives all of the purchase orders, stores the all data then outputs exactly what your 3PL requires for their 940.

Puzzle Solved: Shopping Carts and 3PLs

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eCommerce and a successful shopping cart business is a critical revenue stream for retailers. Recognizing that the digital consumer is a force to be reckoned with, you have likely established an e-commerce site plan. You have an enticing storefront and a robust shopping cart application. You know how you are going to market your products and how they will get shipped to your customers. All good. But, how do you get your orders to your 3PL to feed into their Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Replace Email, Telephone and Fax Ordering with Excel

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It can be cumbersome if you have low-tech customers that send orders to your warehouse by email, telephone or fax. Data entry into your WMS is time consuming and it’s easy to make re-keying errors. An alternative is to ask your customers to send their orders in an Excel spreadsheet. How does it work?

Omnichannel Part 4: Warehouse Management

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Order Management and Warehouse Management are tightly connected. Order Management communicates with customers while Warehouse Management communicates with warehouse personnel. Regardless of the source for omnichannel orders, they all enter the same warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS is responsible for organizing orders for picking and shipping in the most efficient manner.

Adding eCommerce Orders to your WMS

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More and more companies are asking their 3PL service provider to accept eCommerce orders. Before you can fulfill those orders, you have to figure how you’re going to get them into your warehouse management system.