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“We’d never want anyone to miss an opportunity or to hold anyone back”.

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At a company meeting in January Andrea told the team that Lakshan would be working remotely – from Mexico – for a month. After excited murmurings from the group Andrea went on to say, “We’d never want anyone to miss an opportunity or to hold anyone back”.

Giving Back ... Donating blood

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On Friday October 4th, an Integral Team donated blood. It is only the second time we’ve done it as a group and, frankly, we couldn’t feel better about having participated.

There is a great quote in the Canadian Blood Services annual report – though from the perspective of the recipient – that so very aptly describes this act of charity and compassion as a "literal and powerful way to give of yourself."

We are happy that we did it.

Read more to find out why John (above, right) is especially happy.
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Fall Bake Sale (with Bonus Recipe)

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Fans of our newsletters will know that we hold a bake sale in the spring and fall to support Markham Food Bank. On Thursday November 7th we held our fall bake sale and it was our most successful ever.

Let’s start with the finances because the goal of the event is all about how much we are able to raise for the Food Bank. Each time we hold the bake sale we do a bit better than the time before. For this sale – we shocked ourselves. We raised $641. We counted, then counted again and then debated whether that was even possible.

But hard cold cash (actually a bit warm after all that counting) doesn’t lie. Most items were no more than $2 or $3: If you do the math, that’s a lot of food!

GoodLife Spin4Kids - Helping Kids with Special Needs

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Click 'read more' to find out about this event, our fundraising efforts and how our team came to be involved.

Markham Food Bank - Why It's So Important

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We are going to deviate a bit from our usual newsletter story. We’d usually tell you about our fall food drive but today we are going to talk about the reason behind the drive … the Markham Food Bank.

People living in an affluent area in Canada in need of food.
People who, without the local food bank, might have to make a choice between hydro or food.

The 100% volunteer staff at Markham Food Bank do everything within their power to ensure that kind of choice never has to happen. The food bank is as well run as any successful small business – everyone having their role to play with people like Bob Ysseldyk, Cathy Allison and Janet – to just name a few – creating a business model that works for both the food bank and for the clients. When you walk in the front – or drop off a donation in the rear – your first impression is of a small, well stocked, grocery store bustling with activity. The food (including some pet food and clothing when they get it) all comes from donations – corporate and individual: Markham Food Bank doesn’t get any subsidies from the government. They get 75% of their donations in November/December and that has to last all year.

Holiday Helpers

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For the third year in a row we became Santa’s elves for a day at Holiday Helpers. It is such a great organization and, as always, it was a wonderful experience for us all.

Click 'read more' below to find out a bit about the organization and our experience.

From all of us at Integral Group … we wish Happy Holidays to all of our loyal readers!
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