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The Integral Blog

The Integral Blog

WE'VE GOT NEWS ... our move and more

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We have made some changes! Our headquarters is now in a century house in Aurora, and our team has moved to a new hybrid work model. Read more to find out what has been happening and see pictures.

Giving Back

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Integral Group & Holiday Helpers

For many of us, the holidays are a magical time. The joy we see on children’s faces, the family traditions and being surrounded by friends are all things we treasure.

But we know that not every family gets to experience that kind of holiday. While the last couple of years have been challenging for everyone, many families have been especially hard-hit.

With that in mind, Integral Group has once again taken part in the Holiday Helpers Christmas program. One of the things we love about this program is that it is about more than gifts under the tree. The sponsored families get things they need but cannot afford, like winter coats and boots and household goods that will see them through the year.

The Fun Stuff (An Integral Group Tradition)

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Sometimes a day at the office doesn’t have to be just about the work. Sometimes there’s value in putting the work aside for a few minutes and taking time out to appreciate the people we work with.

“We’d never want anyone to miss an opportunity or to hold anyone back”.

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At a company meeting in January Andrea told the team that Lakshan would be working remotely – from Mexico – for a month. After excited murmurings from the group Andrea went on to say, “We’d never want anyone to miss an opportunity or to hold anyone back”.

What Does it Take to Make a Team of EDI Superheroes?

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As our loyal readers know, we are very proud of our Integral Group team of EDI Superheroes. Forgive us if we seem immodest, but we call ourselves Superheroes because our customers tell us we are unsurpassed at the technical aspects of EDI and unrivalled at ensuring that doing EDI is a positive experience for our customers. Candidly, we work diligently to make that happen.

All of our talented team operates on a rock-solid foundation of 30+ years of EDI experience; people, technology and infrastructure.

We thought it might be interesting to give you a bit of an overview of what hard and soft skills you’d need to amass to create your own EDI team that could parallel ours. Even as we say that, we need to add that there are intangibles – more intrinsic than soft skills – like heart and dedication - that are at the very core of every one of our team.

Since we created Clarkson to represent all of us, without actually being any one of us individually, let’s have a look at what his resume would look like.

Giving Back Update

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A quick update on what our Giving Back committee has been up to:

  • In July our Superheroes donated blood – as we always do when we are together, we had fun. This time, though, we also help save lives; that felt good!

  • In August we supported our building neighbours – Teleflex Canada– giving back initiative by donating 2 pack packs filled with back to school supplies to support the Junior Optimist Club of Keswick.