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The Integral Blog

The Integral Blog

Dropshipping - Trends & Managing the Process

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The dropshipping market size is on the rise so suppliers need to offer dropshipping to be competitive.
But there’s a lot of work that goes into processing those orders.
Integral Group can make that process streamlined, easy to manage and efficient.

Order Management with Walmart

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Need to connect to Walmart for your orders? We’ve got you.

Having Integral Group manage your Walmart orders is
compliant, efficient, and cost-effective

Insights on EDI & Sales Data Analytics

We recently sat down to talk with our Director of Sales, Lee Mrkonjic. On the surface, EDI and Sales Data Analytics might seem disparate technologies with little connection, but Lee provides insights showing the value to clients in leveraging both.

It was a fascinating conversation that we’re excited to share with our readers.

5 Tips to know before integrating your ERP with EDI

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Adopting an ERP system, or changing from one to another, and then integrating it with their EDI isn't something companies frequently do. As a result, most don't know what to expect or how to prepare. In this piece, we discuss why it's imperative to start planning your EDI in conjunction with the ERP.

How to succeed at EDI integration...

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EDI integration is not a plug-and-play off-the-shelf solution. We customize the integration to your environment - the application(s) you use, your retailers and the transactions you exchange. For us to do this, some upfront client effort is required. The upside - significant and ongoing - is that the success resulting from the integration more than justifies the preliminary work.