What We Do

Are you spending precious time and money on running an EDI department?

Years ago when you started using EDI you had little choice but to buy EDI software, communication software and pay VAN fees. Then you had to hire an IT specialist to make it all work. With every new request from a customer for EDI that came along, you had to spend even more money to get it working. Transactions fees, mailbox fees, mapping fees, plus fees for this and fees for that. It never stopped.

Today you have a choice. When you outsource to Integral Group, we become your EDI department. We take care of all your order management and integration needs.
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Order Management

Order Management - Nowadays, you might receive orders from more than one source. There’s EDI trading partners, marketplaces like Amazon, shopping carts like Shopify, or other applications like Excel. Depending on the origin of the order, you ship it:
• to a distribution center,
• direct to a retail store, or
• drop ship direct to consumer’s home.

Data Transport

Data Transport - Moving your data is just as important as the data itself. FTP, AS2 and VAN are the common methods for data transport. Each one is reliable with ease of setup, security level and cost differentiating one from the other. FTP is the most common method but in EDI trading relationships, your customers will choose either AS2 or VAN.


Integration - Retailers are the driving force behind EDI and they use supply chain technology to manage the flow of goods to consumers. As a supplier or distributor, you need EDI to sell to any major retailer in North America. One retailer uses EDI one way, and another retailer uses EDI a different way. It can be intimidating, complex and frustrating.

Project Consulting

Project Consulting - New projects can often be fraught with unexpected pitfalls and setbacks. Our experience can help you see these areas of difficulty before you hit them, making the implementation as painless and efficient as possible.

Custom Applications

Custom Applications - Your business is unique—you may have needs that simply are not met by off-the-shelf packages. Tell us exactly what kind of application you need and we can build it for you.

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