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Paying too much for EDI? Switch and Save

If you haven’t changed your EDI provider in the last three years or longer, now is the ideal time to take advantage of lower costs. At Integral Group we can deliver real savings through our EDI for a flat monthly fee plans. Even if you’re outsourcing EDI to another company, request quote from us to compare.

It costs you $0 to switch to Integral Group from an in-house EDI system or another EDI service provider.

There are no trading partner setup fees, no mapping fees, no transaction fees, no VAN fees and no long term contract. You pay a flat monthly fee for all your EDI activity and that’s it!

Once you make the switch you won’t have to worry about escalating EDI costs again.

Too many EDI providers? Consolidate and Save.

Are you using two or more EDI service providers? It costs you money and requires extra training, time and effort to keep up. You might think you have no choice – but you really do.

Even though some retailers may endorse a particular EDI service provider, Integral Group connects to those very same retailers every day.

If you're using a retailer portal like WalMart Retail Link or Amazon Vendor Central, you have the option to bypass their portal with a direct connection from Integral Group instead.

By consolidating all your connections you only need one service from Integral Group. Our order management service is available for a flat monthly fee. See our flat rate service plans or contact us and see how much you can save.