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The Integral Blog

The Integral Blog

Do You Still Need EDI?

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Do You Still Need EDI?
Yes, you do:
— The retail industry alone has invested billions of dollars in EDI technology. That investment assures that EDI is still highly relevant and not going away.
— There is a resurgence in mandated EDI compliance and a requirement for broader EDI solutions than we have seen before.
— At Integral Group, we are meeting your needs for today and looking into the future so that we always stay 4 moves ahead.

WE'VE GOT NEWS ... our move and more

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We have made some changes! Our headquarters is now in a century house in Aurora, and our team has moved to a new hybrid work model. Read more to find out what has been happening and see pictures.

What is an EDI Kilo-Character?

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Prior to the Internet, private Value Added Networks (VANs) took care of moving EDI data between trading partners. While business before the worldwide web seems a lifetime ago, it is necessary to consider that time to understand the background of kilo-character (KC) charges and why they no longer make sense in 2022.

Let’s Talk about Integral Group's Flat Rate pricing alternative eliminates the hassle of KC charges.