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We’ve Got Huge News!

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We’ve Got Huge News!

Integral Group is now part of Crisp Inc.

We’ve Got Huge News!
Integral Group is now part of Crisp Inc.
Let’s get right into this – why is this exciting, and what’s in it for you as our customer?

First, let’s talk about things that will not change …
The Integral Group management team will continue to run the company with the same integrity and investment in our customer relationships.

Our team will provide the same dependable services and superior support our customers have enjoyed for over three decades. And all the team members you currently deal with will remain the same: You can meet our team here.

Our core business remains EDI compliance, application integration, and API connections throughout the supply chain.

But we want to offer more to our customers. We want to provide our customers with every tool possible to succeed. We want to be able to innovate and develop new technologies. We want to broaden our scope to address our customer's end-to-end supply chain requirements. Enter Crisp.

Let’s talk about why Crisp is the right fit …
From our first meeting, it was apparent that Crisp’s guiding principles strongly aligned with Integral Group’s values. Crisp is not a vast conglomerate nor a competitor looking to acquire our customers; they are not in the EDI business. Instead, Crisp is a technology team delivering actionable, data-driven insights for the retail supply chain. We both serve the same kinds of companies but with complementary solutions. Integral Group’s solution helps our customers get their products into the stores or retail distribution centers, while Crisp’s solution helps them understand what happens to their products after that point.

What’s in it for our customers …
Under the Crisp umbrella, we offer you the best of both worlds. Leveraging Integral's deep industry knowledge, you will continue to be supported by the same team of professionals who serve hundreds of customers across North America. And you will see changes that embrace current technology advancements. With Crisp's backing, we have started several development projects to provide you with streamlined versions of our existing solutions and new initiatives.

And we can now bring Crisp’s existing capabilities to Integral Group’s customers. Crisp’s core mission is to reduce waste throughout the supply chain through faster and more transparent data sharing. Crisp analyzes customer data sources in real-time, providing your business with the most meaningful insights and trends. With Crisp, retailers and suppliers stay closely coordinated and tapped into a live feed of sales and inventory data — keeping shelves stocked and customers happy. Crisp’s Data Platform will make it seamless for Integral’s customers to gain deeper insights into their supply chain health.

With this announcement, we’ve given you an overview and will expand on all of this in the coming months. But nothing beats direct communication with a trusted advisor to discuss what this means for you and what Integral Group and Crisp’s solutions can do for your business. If you’d like more information now, please get in touch with Lee Mrkonjic, our Director of Sales, using this link or the contact information below:
Direct: (289) 301-2410
Mobile: (647) 377-0131

You can also read more about Crisp’s mission and solutions at