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Without further ado ... we’ve got some exciting news ...

Without further ado ... we’ve got some exciting news ...

We’re debuting our new look and, we wanted to share it with our readers before anyone else. It’s more than just a new public face - we’ll talk a bit about what it means. And we also want to assure you that our fundamentals haven’t changed: The same dedicated team, ongoing investment in our customers and our commitment to the highest quality.

We’ve retired the colourful EDI Superheroes theme that has become synonymous with Integral Group. It has served us well – but it’s time for something new that reflects more of what we’re about today. A decade ago, EDI was our focus, and it remains a core competency. Technology, and the way our customers do business, have changed, and so have we. We’ve expanded our product offerings to include APIs, custom applications, and process innovations. We speak to API, EDI, Apps, integration (and more) and how they function alone and together within your supply chain.

Connecting eBusiness: API + EDI + Apps

We’d love you to visit our new website ( – it perfectly embodies our new brand. The site is highlighted by original art throughout. The watercolour sketches depicting people and places we see every day mirror the down-to-earth, practical messaging.

We’ve streamlined the way you access information on the website: It’s simple to navigate … one click on the home page takes you to the specific topic you’re interested in. We’ve avoided hyperlinks in sentences because we want you to have a clear and straightforward path to what you want to know. And we’ve kept the content short – our goal on the site is to assist and inform. When you’re ready for us to get more granular, we’ve provided a Contact Us button on every page. We encourage you to use it to begin a 1:1 discussion with us about our technology solutions and how they work with your specific environment.

We hope our readers will join us in bidding a fond farewell to the Superheroes – gone in name but not in spirit. This new look, and all that it represents, is the start of a vibrant new chapter.

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