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QuickBooks Integration: From Strength to Greater Strength

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If the title of this post captured your attention, you are likely one of the over 7 million QuickBooks customers who depend on those products for business accounting. QuickBooks offers a suite of products from basic QuickBooks Online through to Enterprise depending on your requirements.

Alone QuickBooks are strong products. When Integral Group integrates your QuickBooks with your EDI* you can end up with an end-to-end supply chain solution with exponentially greater strength. (* the scope of the integration possible depends on the QuickBooks product you’ve chosen.)

At Integral Group, outsourced EDI integration with key business functions like QuickBooks is the core of what we’ve been doing for over 35 years. Working with your existing architecture, we seamlessly weave the components together, resulting in a process made up of interactive and connected applications.

Maybe you use QuickBooks Online predominantly for invoicing: We can integrate your QuickBooks Online through an API connection and, depending on your requirements, we can integrate with your eCommerce storefront. You get all the great benefits of automation like less re-keying of data, greater accuracy, and faster throughput.

With QuickBooks Commerce, through an API connection, we can integrate product listings, orders, and inventory across sales channels.

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, you have the opportunity for your integration to be more robust. You can automatically create and exchange EDI sales orders, invoices, inventory and more. Your eCommerce storefront can be integrated so that inventory and pricing information can be immediately and automatically shared between applications. That means your entire order management process is integrated - with powerful results. Because you are no longer relying on repetitive manual data entry, orders can be fulfilled faster, there is a greater level of accuracy and your staff – likely your single greatest expense – can be directed towards high value tasks. Not only is that good for your business, but it also facilitates a superior experience for your customers, 3PLs and suppliers.

You can also get similar integrations with QuickBooks Premier and Pro.

That’s the broad strokes of QuickBooks integration with your EDI: It’s an affordable solution that moves your organization from individual application silos connected only through manual intervention to an automated system of processes working in harmony.

The graphic below shows you some of the EDI transactions that can be integrated with QuickBooks

Every company’s business needs are different. Would you like to find out what QuickBooks integration can do for you?

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