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Omnichannel Part 4: Warehouse Management

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Order Management and Warehouse Management are tightly connected. Order Management communicates with customers while Warehouse Management communicates with warehouse personnel. Regardless of the source for omnichannel orders, they all enter the same warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS is responsible for organizing orders for picking and shipping in the most efficient manner.

Omnichannel presents different challenges for Warehouse Management for direct to consumer shipments (B2C). Warehouses are familiar with the operational requirements for B2B shipments to customers; however, they may not be familiar with the requirements for B2C.

Once an order leaves the warehouse, Warehouse Management communicates shipping details back to Order Management which in turn informs the customer. The date shipped, carrier and tracking number are the most important pieces of information. Some 3PL customers request regular inventory updates as well to ensure stock that is replenished in the warehouse is updated in the customer's shopping cart and marketplace.

The final part in this series will examine the technology burden omni channel puts on 3PLs.