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Loblaw's Marketplace

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One universal constant that we share with all businesses is the need for customers to buy our products. As we head into 2022, we’ve been talking a lot about that.

We’re seeing a trend with our customers starting to sell on Loblaw’s Marketplace … and we’ve been impressed enough to want to pass the lead on to you.

Likely we’ve got similar business goals to yours, always looking for ways to increase revenue by getting our products in front of the right customers. This is made more challenging as every sales channel is not necessarily the right one for your business. So it’s pivotal to choose options that both serve you well and reflect well on your company.

That’s why Loblaw’s Marketplace appeals to us. The Loblaw’s brand brings with it stability and security that you frankly don’t find in every marketplace. That’s not to denigrate other sites, but Loblaw’s comes with the pedigree of a company that’s been in business since 1919. A company, moreover, that’s part of the fabric of Canadian retail. E-commerce customers are attracted by the trusted Loblaw’s name and the quality it stands for. You benefit from a customer pool that is already predisposed to feel confident in the buying options they find on Loblaw’s Marketplace. As we say, this translates into lots of the right eyeballs on your products.

Our experience as an API outsource provider, working with the ever-growing Loblaw’s Marketplace, has reinforced our belief that it’s a solid vendor option. It’s an excellent channel to increase your e-commerce reach and mine a new potentially lucrative revenue stream.

Let’s talk about how Integral Group can connect you with the Loblaw’s Marketplace and hear more about how you’ll benefit.
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