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Fortify your Supply Chain - i12 Gateway

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You can hardly read the news these days without seeing a discussion about supply chains. This impacts everyone to some extent, but it is the lifeblood of your business. While we can’t offer you relief from global pressures, we have a technology service that will help you create an infrastructure that provides you with the most stable and resourceful foundation possible.

The Solution:
Integral Group’s i12 Gateway API is a solution custom-built for your company to manage your supply chain activity. So, if you want to onboard new customers quickly and efficiently without taxing your internal IT resources – i12 Gateway API does that. Need to manage all incoming connections from your customers and integrate them with your WMS or ERP? Our API gateway does that. Require a system to support your supply chain transactions like orders, shipments and inventory feeds? It does that too. i12 Gateway API is also expandable to include other transactions – such as routing requests and inventory adjustments.

Incorporating API gateway into your current workflow:
i12 Gateway API is a technology that utilizes your existing structure and can be built to fluidly connect to your specific WMS, ERP and other supply chain applications. Customers connect to the gateway through API, EDI or custom formats, then we take it from there. If you’re concerned about onboarding customers that might not have the technical resources to connect to the gateway – we’ve got that covered. We’ll also provide end-to-end support from the customer connection to integration with your applications.

Integral Group hosts, manages and supports the activity we’ve just outlined – you don’t need to intervene. All transactions reside in our databases for tracking and auditing. There is also self-serve functionality to add new customers to the gateway. You can review orders using our Commerce Desktop portal and trace the movement of files with our Bedrock portal.

i12 Gateway API provides direct communication between users and the data they require, resulting in experiences tailored to their needs – and it is available 24/7. The gateway boosts productivity with standardization and consistency in data retrieval. i12 Gateway API transactions are protected within a secured environment.

Words on your screen may not be enough to convey how this solution - i12 Gateway API – is a game-changer for your business. To get a complete picture of how this gateway can fortify your supply chain, contact Lee.
Lee Mrkonjic
Director, Sales & Marketing
Direct: (289) 301-2410