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47 Second Q&A – Crisp Announcement Edition

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Lee Mrkonjic, our Director of Sales, responds to customer questions about the acquisition by Crisp.

Last week we told you that Integral Group is now part of Crisp Inc. The customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has written or called with messages of support and congratulations.

But I recognize this is a change, and people have questions, so I’d like to address the questions I’ve been asked here:

Question: Is my service going to change?
LM answer: No. The services you depend on will continue to be available. All the team members you currently deal with will remain in place.

The fact that Crisp is not an EDI competitor is key. We’ve all seen large multinationals (one specific company springs to my mind) that acquire firms and homogenize them into the larger whole, and what was unique and special is lost.

This is not that scenario.

Integral Group remains a unique business line within Crisp with specialized EDI expertise.

Question: Will the billing process change?
LM answer: No – you will continue to receive Integral Group invoices moving forward. You have received a notice that we have moved to QuickBooks Online, resulting in your invoice emails coming from a new address and the layout looking slightly different, but the content will remain the same.

Any inquiries or remittance details should still be directed to

Question: Will Integral Group and the team members I deal with stay the same?
LM answer: Yes. We will continue to operate as a Canadian legal company and a separate division of Crisp and continue to work as we have always done. We will still be headquartered in Aurora.

The same management team will continue to run Integral Group, which will become the EDI business unit within the larger Crisp organization. All the team members you currently deal with will remain in place. The people you interact with will stay the same: everyone on the sales, support, implementation, integration, and development teams.

Question: What is going to change?
LM answer: Over time, you will see enhancements across our entire solution platform; with Crisp, we have additional resources. We already have an action plan with several projects currently in development.

Crisp is a technology team delivering actionable, data-driven insights for the retail supply chain. We can offer you Crisp’s product line as value-added solutions to enhance your business.

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