The Choice Is Up To You

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You have the right to choose your EDI outsourcing partner.

It is a common business ploy of some EDI companies. You are presented with something that appears, on the surface, to be a directive, a requirement, a condition of doing business with your customers. In the world of EDI, many trading partners offer outsourcing provider suggestions. Don’t simply accept it when an EDI outsourcing company says you are required to use their service. They are misrepresenting the facts.

The first rule of EDI engagement is that the supplier does have the final say in who to choose to work with. Take the time to research, ask questions and do your due diligence. Choose an EDI outsourcing partner that will enhance the experience as well as guide and support your business.
Think of the day-to-day impact EDI will have on your business: financially, technologically and logistically. It will be quickly apparent to you how key it is to be working with a company that is aligned to your goals and business practices.

Dependable, predictable EDI costs have enormous positive impact for small and medium businesses. Make sure the pricing model you agree to does not leave you open to unpleasant surprises with dramatically fluctuating monthly expenditures.

It is critical that you choose an EDI outsourcing company that will be able to merge seamlessly into the fabric of your infrastructure for the long term. The company you choose should have longevity as well technical expertise and experience.

Your operations department is going to be interacting with your EDI software many times every day. The quality of this interaction can impact efficiencies and the caliber, reliability and timeliness of your order processing. And that is the lifeline of your business.

In all of these areas, you also need to know your EDI provider has a support system that will provide answers in real time, by a real person who takes ownership of your issue as soon as they pick up the phone.

The consequences of choosing the right EDI outsourcing provider are profound. The choice is up to you.
When considering your options, contact Lee Mrkonjic, our Director of Sales. Let’s Talk.