Infor Visual ERP Integration (Case Study)

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Established over 40 years ago, this automotive supplier has become a force in the industry with their products used by many tier 1 vehicle manufacturers.

They are recognized as a market leader and their supplies can be found in utility vehicles across many varied industries. They are the type of company that is known for going the extra mile for their customers and have the drive to always meet, if not, exceed expectations.

A long-established tier 1 automotive supplier had been having some challenges with EDI technology. Like a lot of larger suppliers, they had numerous trading partners with multiple locations each with different requirements. To facilitate transactions with all these customers, this supplier had both an EDI provider and a systems integrator connecting them to Infor Visual ERP.

As an added wrinkle, this supplier had a very specific preference. As opposed to just having orders approved automatically, they prefer an added step that allows them to review all orders before being imported to Infor Visual’s ERP.

To remedy this, their systems integrator had created a dashboard that connected to their EDI data to give them that extra layer of accountability.

Things were going well enough until their existing EDI provider was purchased by a larger organization and their systems integrator chose to no longer support the dashboard if any issues should arise. This supplier was immediately stuck. They felt abandoned!

This technology dilemma left them with two choices, pay the systems integrator to have a new dashboard created that would work with the new EDI provider and hope that all would go well or find another technology provider that could fit their exact need. So they went searching…

This automotive supplier came to us, a local, well established EDI provider to see if we could be a good fit for their needs. Always up to the challenge, the team at Integral Group was able to provide a solution that fit their requirements.

Despite the issues with both their existing EDI provider and their systems integrator, the supplier had no issues with their Infor Visual ERP. As Integral Group had an established history with Infor Visual, creating a new dashboard that would still connect with them was not an issue.

As a matter of fact, the timing was perfect as Infor Visual had recently upgraded their system and a new dashboard with these enhancements in mind would be a perfect solution for this supplier.

The team at Integral Group got to work immediately by building a completely new dashboard. This new dashboard had tweaks and enhancements that the previous one was lacking. The new version not only worked better but could still seamlessly connect to their existing trading partners and ERP system.

Integral Group was then able to take on all of their existing EDI needs so they no longer required to pay for both an EDI provider and a systems integrator. The supplier was able to get it all under one roof and Integral Group’s flat-rate pricing made their expenses much easier to manage.

Integral Group’s pricing strategy was a perfect selling point for this supplier as they knew going forward that if they were to add any new trading partners, there would be no increase to their monthly expenses.
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