How to Choose the Right EDI Service Provider

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One of the great things that social media has given us is a sound sense of shared experience. A common theme on every platform is people venting their frustrations at service providers for … well … simply not providing service.

At Integral Group, lack of service annoys us too! We know there is no one-size-fits-all answer and customers will, inevitably, have questions. Our job is to provide the best EDI solution possible configured to your business and then be accessible when you need us.

The EDI industry has some great companies and some that can best be described as challenging. It is not always easy for customers to know what to look for before they choose an EDI provider. To help ensure everyone realizes the greatest benefits, we have put together a list of 6 key points to consider when choosing a good EDI service provider.

#1. Longevity & continuity
You invest time, money and trust in your EDI provider and you need to know that they will be around in five years and with consistent, stable, ownership. Integral Group is a family-owned business founded in 1987 and is now run by the second generation.

#2. Attuned to your needs
This one sounds almost too simple to include – but it is critical. You know your industry and you are the expert in your business. Your EDI service provider must listen and understand your needs, how you work, what you want to achieve. What causes you strife should be a roadmap towards your EDI solution. At Integral Group, the first thing we do is have a 1:1 conversation (with you) about any pain point areas.

#3. Ease & flexibility
You need your EDI service provider to adapt to you and your process and seamlessly integrate with your business applications. If you want a hands-off experience, your provider should provide you with a workflow that requires minimal intervention. Conversely, if you prefer to interact with the process at many stages, that should be available to you. At Integral Group, our Commerce Desktop solution is user friendly and does everything that you need it to do.

#4. Equitable & predictable pricing
If it seems like you need a degree in higher mathematics to figure out your EDI costs, they are too complicated. Integral Group offers flat rate plans. No complex and convoluted kilo-character calculation. No dramatic cost variances month to month. We are sensitive to the fact that suppliers are being asked to shoulder more and more costs: You need EDI to be on the benefit side of your ledger.

#5. Training
The first step in ensuring that your EDI system is a valuable tool is to know how to use it. With many companies you are either on your own or charged for the support you require during the learning curve. Some companies will only offer you a static training guides or generic video tutorials. Integral Group provides personalized training at no additional cost: Product training is included in your flat rate plan. And, at Integral Group, this training is customized to you, in a 1:1 phone setting, with a specialized member of our customer support team.

#6. Availability
Although the last point in our list, this one is huge. Inferior after-sale support can quickly obliterate all of the benefits above. At Integral, we deliver on promises in a timely and meaningful manner. We do that by being available: We have live, unlimited support 7am-7pm, with 24 hour emergency coverage.

Our job is to provide EDI services that save time, lower cost and reduce risks. And we are never further away than a phone call or email if our customers need us. Call us today to discuss how Integral Group can make your EDI experience successful!