Evil Empire High Price Demands Foiled

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Evil Empire High Price Demands Foiled

•Integral Group's Flat Rate Pricing Saves the Day!•

We recently gave you a heads-up that major EDI service providers (whom we have aptly dubbed “the Evil Empire”) have dramatically high prices.

And, while that is unfortunately true, Integral Group can still save the day for you!

These high prices can be an opportunity to reassess your current EDI service provider. Because what is important to remember – you don’t just have to pay what they demand -
You Have Options, You Can Make a Different Choice!

Integral Group’s pricing is significantly lower than the Evil Empire. And, as our promise to you, our prices will never rise simply because we think that is what the traffic will bear. Our pricing model is fair and equitable.

If you are using the Evil Empire … you don’t have to. You have the right to choose your EDI provider and consolidating with Integral Group will make your life simpler … and, if you are facing those high prices, we can also help your bottom line.

Nobody likes to be held up for ransom – ‘pay what we demand in order to continue to use our service’. At Integral Group, we just never employ a tactic like that.

We have nothing to hide -
call Lee Mrkonjic – Integral Group’s Director of Sales – to get a quote on the services you need and just compare them – dollar for dollar – to your current costs. Lee will also tell you about our exceptional customer support – real time, when you need it and located in our office.
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