Beware of Evil Empire High Prices

Evil Empire Headline
Evil Empire Headline

Beware of Evil Empire High Prices

•while Integral Group's flat rate pricing is consistently lower•

We keep our ears to the ground in our industry to be able to give you a heads up about trends. Sometimes we hear good things but today we are here to tell you that we have heard that there are ruinously high prices being charged by some of the major EDI providers.

Integral Group maintains consistently lower prices.

So, let's break down what is happening and how it might impact you. These other EDI providers are telling their customers that they need to pay these exorbitant monthly charges – in some cases up to 35% more than the same services from Integral Group.

We are a small business so we totally get it – those kinds of arbitrarily high prices can cripple you.

We are here to tell you that there is an alternative to being at the mercy of what we (internally) call the ‘Evil Empire’: Integral Group has fair and equitable pricing that is not subject to the whims of C Suite executives wanting more of your hard-earned dollars.

In addition to these high prices, you have to know they will be back for more, and more again.

One the one hand you have the big conglomerate luring you in and then, when you are entrenched, possibly demanding more money.

On the other, you have Integral Group, with transparent business practices, integrity, respect and always, a commitment to fair play.

We are here to work with you and be your partner – not hold you for ransom.

Although some of our competitors will tell you, categorically, that you are
mandated by the retailer to use only their services – that is NOT TRUE. You always have a choice in the EDI service provider you want to do business with. Moreover, you can consolidate and do all of your EDI with Integral Group.

If you have been bludgeoned with an unfair price – or just generally want to find out how Integral Group’s pricing can lessen your financial burdens –
contact Lee Mrkonjic, our Director of Sales.

Evil Empire article
Evil Empire article