Integration with Oracle ERP

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The need to integrate EDI customer connections with server-based Oracle ERP and with their 3PL provider drove this Canadian Pharma to outsource to Integral Group. The project was, and continues to be, so successful that the Pharma has engaged Integral Group to create custom applications to improve several of their business processes. Click ‘read more’ below to see our latest case study.

Infor Visual ERP Integration (Case Study)

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In this case study you will read about an automotive supplier whose orders depended on custom EDI integration with their Infor Visual ERP. The continued flow of their order management was put at risk when their current EDI provider underwent corporate changes and chose to no longer support the custom integration.

ALCA Distribution Case Study

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EDI and integration - and the automation that comes with them - has helped to make ALCA Distribution more efficient and productive. Click 'read more' below to see our latest CASE STUDY:

To Integrate or Not To Integrate …

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Do you need to integrate your order management data?
Maybe not. Or ...

Maybe integration does make sense for you.
Do you:
● Process a large volume of orders (or plan for future growth)?
● Need more work done without adding more staff?
● Face chargebacks due to manual keying errors?
● Demand speed, accuracy and scalability?

All good business leaders carefully assess the needs of their business on an ongoing basis. Your organization may not yet be ready for integration and maybe this post is just a reminder of what integration can do for you when the time is right.

Or maybe you are already facing growing pains that could be lessened by transferring some of the burden to the automation you’d get with integration. Like most things, it probably comes down to a cost benefit analysis.

Lee Mrkonjic, Integral Group’s Director of Sales, can give you an honest assessment of the value, and the real cost, of integrating your systems. Why not take advantage of his 25 years of experience working with companies like yours? Give him a call at 905-947-1774 x 110 or
email him to find out if integration is right for you. He’ll also tell you how our team of superheroes will make integration an easy process and how Integral Group will provide you with unlimited lifetime support.

IRCE 2019: Perspectives on EDI

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IRCE 2019: Perspectives on EDI

Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition

We trust that everyone reading empathizes with the pain of trade shows – at the end of the day your feet hurt and your throat is sore from talking. Yet we all keep attending: Gluttons for punishment or the long-term value far outweighs any transient discomfort?

The latter, for sure. (there is always a little gluttony … but it more takes the form of trying all the great restaurants we can fit in!) As you know if you read our July Newsletter, we were at
IRCE in Chicago in June. We’ve had a chance to debrief internally and we want to share the discussions we had around EDI.

As one might expect, as we are EDI experts, we spent a fair bit of time exchanging industry insights at IRCE. The question that seems to repeat year after year is “where is EDI going”? We think the question arises from the longevity of EDI – it has been around since the mid 80’s. People wonder if there is some shiny-new-thing that is better: For the record, there is not!

Read more to find out what was discussed ...