How to Choose the Right EDI Service Provider

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One of the great things that social media has given us is a sound sense of shared experience. A common theme on every platform is people venting their frustrations at service providers for … well … simply not providing service.

At Integral Group, lack of service annoys us too! We know there is no one-size-fits-all answer and customers will, inevitably, have questions. Our job is to provide the best EDI solution possible configured to your business and then be accessible when you need us.

Evil Empire High Price Demands Foiled

Integral Group Saves The Day headline

Evil Empire High Price Demands Foiled

•Integral Group's Flat Rate Pricing Saves the Day!•

We recently gave you a heads-up that major EDI service providers (whom we have aptly dubbed “the Evil Empire”) have dramatically high prices.

And, while that is unfortunately true, Integral Group can still save the day for you!

Beware of Evil Empire High Prices

Evil Empire headline

Beware of Evil Empire High Prices

•while Integral Group's flat rate pricing is consistently lower•

We keep our ears to the ground in our industry to be able to give you a heads up about trends. Sometimes we hear good things but today we are here to tell you that we have heard that there are ruinously high prices being charged by some of the major EDI providers.

Integration with Oracle ERP

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The need to integrate EDI customer connections with server-based Oracle ERP and with their 3PL provider drove this Canadian Pharma to outsource to Integral Group. The project was, and continues to be, so successful that the Pharma has engaged Integral Group to create custom applications to improve several of their business processes. Click ‘read more’ below to see our latest case study.