Forewarned is Forearmed: Let the Buyer Beware

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Okay … maybe not an actual crime … but EDI service providers shouldn’t be able to lie to their customers with impunity. For most customers, EDI plays an important role in their business and that ‘bad EDI service’ can negatively impact them in significant ways.

If you’re like us at Integral Group – you strive to offer a good product or service at a fair price. Perhaps because of that, you become sensitized to competitors in your industry who don’t share the same business integrity. That’s how we feel about EDI service providers: We’ve been part of the EDI community since the beginning (over 35 years) and feel a vested interest in what’s going on in our industry. While we’re generally loath to speak against a competitor’s practices, we feel we have to weigh that against customer’s rights to be able to use EDI to help their businesses.

In this post we go over pain points that our competitors’ customers have shared with us.

Highlights from this list are:

Your balance sheet drives your business, so this is a critical factor

Support and Process
A solution is no help to you if your team can’t use it

Commitment to Your Success
Are the best interests of your company being served

Comfort and Trust
Do you feel good when dealing with your EDI provider

How to Choose the Right EDI Service Provider

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One of the great things that social media has given us is a sound sense of shared experience. A common theme on every platform is people venting their frustrations at service providers for … well … simply not providing service.

At Integral Group, lack of service annoys us too! We know there is no one-size-fits-all answer and customers will, inevitably, have questions. Our job is to provide the best EDI solution possible configured to your business and then be accessible when you need us.