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Why Choose Integral Group?

We Know Operations

We speak the language of EDI. We'll guide you every step of the way toward becoming compliant with your customers.

We collect orders from any source, in any format and integrate with any back office applications. There is no technology that we can't handle.

If there's a problem, our customer service team will solve it quickly, with courtesy and professionalism.

We Know Finance

Our flat rate monthly plans are predictable
and easy to budget.

Adding more customers to your plan does not
add more cost.

We are a stable, reputable and secure fixture
in the EDI industry.

We Know IT

Ours is a subscription-based service accessible
from anywhere.

There is no technology that we can't handle.

You will like our innovation and flexibility.

Integral Group - Your EDI Superheroes®

500 Hood Road, Suite 330
Markham, Ontario L3R 9Z3