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Pharma companies have unique supply change requirements that are driven by the regulatory nature of your industry. Distribution is strictly controlled, especially when it involves a 3PL warehouse. Batch numbers and expiry dates are important indicators that must carry forward through the shelf life of a product, and the related EDI transactions.

In addition to the typical EDI order cycle (850, 856, 810), there’s an emphasis on processing returns (EDI 180) for expired products. A third party is often used to reconcile the physical return of goods with the 180, then prepare the appropriate credit for the customer.

Understanding these needs has allowed Integral Group to develop unique pharma solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Our Solutions for Pharma

  • Returns processing – reconciliation and customer credits
  • Order entry – app for sales reps
  • Performance allowance – calculations and reconciliation
  • ERP integration – from multiple sources

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