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New projects can often be fraught with unexpected pitfalls and setbacks. Our experience can help you see these areas of difficulty before you hit them, making the implementation as painless and efficient as possible.

The Operations team at Integral Group take care of implementing all projects for customers. EDI trading partner implementations are fairly straight forward that require setup, testing and follow-ups.

More complex projects with multiple trading partners and integration touch points requires a Project Manager. Multiple parties can be involved including you, your IT support, software providers, logistics providers and Integral Group. The Project Manager is ultimately responsible for deliverables and will plan the work that needs to be done, when and who is going to do it.

Role of the Project Manager

  • Define project scope
  • Develop project plan and deliverables
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Plan and schedule tasks
  • Co-ordinate tasks across different functions (internal and external)
  • Track project progress
  • Monitor and report progress

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