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Your business is unique—you may have needs that simply are not met by off-the-shelf packages. Tell us exactly what kind of application you need and we can build it for you.

Here are some examples of applications we have built for customers:

Sales Order App. A pharma distributor with several regional sales reps was looking to automate their order entry process. While on site at a pharmacy to replenish stock for a customer, the sales reps used paper to create an order and fax it to head office.

Integral Group developed an sales order entry app and the sales reps were equipped with tablet computers. They access the app from anywhere and take orders on the spot at the pharmacy. An order is visible immediately at head office and the pharmacy receives a copy by email.

We consolidate these pharmacy orders along with EDI orders received from large retailers and integrate everything with the customer’s ERP system. By connecting to our customer’s 3PL warehouse as well, it creates a fully automated ordering solution.
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Logistics Module. A manufacturer of home organization products employs a vast network of 3PL distribution centers across North America. Once of the challenges they faced was to automate choosing the most suitable warehouse to fulfill a particular order.

Integral Group developed a logistics module that uses business rules to choose the appropriate warehouse. Some of the rules include matching the postal code of the nearest 3PL warehouse to the postal code on the order, checking the inventory to see if the chosen warehouse actually has inventory, and splitting an order among more than one warehouse if there are small package line items as well as LTL items on the same order.
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Dealer portal. A distributor of consumer products has a network of dealers who place orders by email, telephone and fax. Quite often these orders are missing information or have incorrect prices. It’s labour intensive to collect missing information and correct the pricing, the key the order into their back-office application.

Integral Group developed a web portal where the dealers were directed to enter the orders at the source. This eliminated email, telephone and fax ordering. An order is not accepted if mandatory information is missing and the prices are fixed and cannot be altered by the dealer. Orders are integrated with the back-office applications and flow automatically just like their EDI orders.

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