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Are you facing a price increase?

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Many of you reading this know I have been in the EDI industry a very long time. And, flat out, I don’t like it when EDI service providers raise their prices for no reason at the end of your contract term.

We are all businesspeople – we understand that there can be a cost associated with enhancing your services. But when EDI providers employ the tactic of arbitrarily raising prices for no reason, I get angry. I think it diminishes the industry when customers are told their EDI services will cost up to 45% more tomorrow than they do today – for the exact same thing.

I am not naïve, but I prefer to do business with a sense of fair play, integrity and respect for my customers.

So, are you facing a price increase from your EDI service provider? I’d like to talk to you. I believe I can offer you a better option. But even if you’d just like to discuss current trends in the industry – please give me a call.

I look forward to talking with you.


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