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EDI for a Flat Monthly Fee

EDI for a Flat Monthly Fee
The time has come for EDI to join the ranks of other online subscription services that only charge a flat monthly fee.

Not every EDI service provider can do it but we can – and here’s why.

Unlike the larger EDI service providers in the marketplace, we’re small and efficient. They tend to be slow moving and let internal politics get in the way of providing a good customer experience. Plus, they are not about to give up a lucrative revenue stream from trading partner setup fees, transaction fees, VAN fees and mapping fees and more.

We’re able to make common sense business decisions like offering EDI for a flat monthly fee for the benefit of our customers.

Our technology is really good too. We bring trading partners onboard in a timely fashion using our infrastructure and tools. We don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” every time and charge excessive setup and mapping fees. Transaction fees and VAN fees are no longer necessary either.

We’re taking the lead in the industry by offering EDI for a flat monthly fee and encourage you to take advantage of the lower costs.

We make EDI Less Complicated.

We make EDI less complicated
When EDI started back in the 80’s the Internet wasn’t an option. You had to use EDI translation software, communications software and private value-added networks (VANs) to connect with your customers and suppliers. Technology has changed significantly since then but most EDI service providers still cling to the old ways.

At Integral Group we’ve chosen to make EDI less complicated for our customers. You don’t need any software other than your favourite browser and an Internet connection.

Avalon is our order management service in the cloud that connects you to your customers by EDI or any other source. We take care of everything for you when it comes to EDI so you don’t have to waste time and money running an EDI department.

Our pricing is simple too. You pay a flat monthly fee plus some optional extras and that’s it! No more confusing invoices and guessing how much you are going to pay each month.
When we say we’re your EDI Superheroes we mean it!

You have a Choice in the EDI Marketplace.

You have a choice in the marketplace
To sell to a retailer or other large organization you have no choice but to use EDI if you want their business. However, you do have a choice when it comes to selecting an EDI service provider.

Some retailers may endorse or approve a particular EDI service provider but they ultimately leave it up to you, the supplier, to choose. At Integral Group, we’re connected to over 600 companies including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, The Bay and Canadian Tire, with whom we do not have exclusive access, and neither do our competitors.

We know there is competition for our EDI services and we work hard to earn and keep you as customer.
See our list of over 600 connections.
Consolidate your EDI service providers and save!

What is EDI and How Does it Work?

What is EDI?
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