Consulting: Experts at your disposal

When you need assistance that goes beyond the day-to-day use of EDI, we’re here to help through our project management, implementation, training, and consulting services.

We have multifaceted knowledge of information technology and business and our consultants have application knowledge and experience in a number of areas, including finance, distribution and manufacturing.
EDI Consulting
EDI Consulting
We are EDI and e-commerce experts able to help you implement an EDI solution with your trading partners, either by assisting you with your in-house system, or by outsourcing all your EDI needs to Integral Group.
Project Management
Project Management
New projects can often be fraught with unexpected pitfalls and setbacks. Our experience can help you see these areas of difficulty before you hit them, making any future system changes as painless and efficient as possible.
Database Systems Architecture
Database Systems Architecture
Every company’s data-system needs are different, and there are as many solutions as there are companies. Integral Group can help you select the right data storage and management system for your immediate and future needs.
Custom Desogm & Programming
Custom Design and Programming
Your business is unique—you may have needs that simply are not satisfied by off-the-shelf packages. Whether expanding the functionality of an existing system or engineering something entirely new, our software development experts can help deliver the solution you need.
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