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Are you in the EDI business?

Probably not. Then why spend your precious time and money on EDI?

Years ago when you started using EDI you had little choice but to buy EDI software, communication software and pay VAN fees. Then you had to hire an IT specialist to make it all work. With every new request from a customer for EDI that came along, you had to spend even more money to get it working. Transactions fees, mailbox fees, mapping fees, plus fees for this and fees for that. It never stops.

Today you have more choices and we’re the leading the way. With our EDI for a flat monthly fee plans there are no trading partner setup fees, no mapping fees, no transaction fees, no VAN fees and no long term contract. There are no surprises when you receive an invoice from Integral Group.

Avalon: Omni Order Management

Avalon is our omni order management service that connects to your customers by EDI or any other order source such as your shopping cart or Amazon store. It works seamlessly by integrating orders with your back office accounting, ERP or WMS software. If you partner with a 3PL service provider it also connects to their WMS or TMS. As an option, you can use our Commerce Desktop web portal to accept orders before they reach the warehouse.

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Collects orders from marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Collects orders from your web site for drop shipping.

Fully compliant with your customers’ EDI requirements.

Enter orders directly into Avalon. Eliminates fax and email ordering - and no rekeying of data.

Accepts orders in any format. CSV, XML, Excel and more.

Switch and See the Savings

If you haven’t changed your EDI provider in the last three years or longer, now is the ideal time to take advantage of lower costs. At Integral Group we can deliver real savings through our EDI for a flat monthly fee plans. Even if you’re already outsourcing EDI to another company, get an instant quote for Avalon and compare.

It costs you $0 to switch to Integral Group from an in-house EDI system or another EDI service provider.

There are no trading partner setup fees, no mapping fees, no transaction fees, no VAN fees and no long term contract. You pay a flat monthly fee for all your EDI activity and that’s it!

Once you make the switch you won’t have to worry about escalating EDI costs again.

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