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Avalon is our omni order management service in the cloud that connects you to your customers by EDI or any other order source.

Avalon redefines your workflow experience by taking the complexity of EDI out of the equation. We’ve made Avalon visual, intelligent, helpful and easy to use.

When you’re working on an order in Avalon it’s always clear what has to be done next. Avalon knows the different rules you have to follow from one customer to the next. You can’t do an action that your customer won’t allow and it’s impossible to skip an important step because Avalon won’t let you. For example, if a particular customer doesn’t allow you to change the quantity ordered on a line item, Avalon won’t let you change it either. On the other hand, if another customer does allow you to change the quantity, Avalon will allow it too. This built-in intelligence means you’re fully compliant with your customers and you won’t incur chargebacks.
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Visual, Helpful, Intelligent and Easy to Use

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Manage Orders from any Source

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Collects orders from marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Collects orders from your web site for drop shipping.

Fully compliant with your customers’ EDI requirements.

Enter orders directly into Avalon. Eliminates fax and email ordering - and no rekeying of data.

Accepts orders in any format. CSV, XML, Excel and more.

4 Flat Fee Price Plans 

EDI for a flat monthly fee
No TP Setup Fees  No trading parter setup fees
No mapping mees  No mapping fees
No Transaction Fees  No transaction fees
No VAN fees  No VAN fees
No long term contract  No long term contract
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