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Our customers are suppliers who sell to retailers and manufacturers and logistics providers who store and move the goods.


If you’re a vendor, manufacturer or supplier, you need EDI to sell to any major retailer. One retailer wants to see EDI data one way, and another retailer wants to see it a different way. It can be intimidating, complex and frustrating.

That’s where Avalon can help. EDI is what we do and we make EDI painless. We understand the complexities of EDI and the differences among your retailer customers. We shield you from the complexities of EDI and you manage your orders using Avalon.

We work with hundreds of companies like yours across North American. Avalon manages the order life cycle and ensures you are meeting the stringent EDI requirements of your retail customers.

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Logistics Providers

If your company is a 3PL service provider then you’re in the business of storing and moving goods. At Integral Group we store and move data for the logistics industry. Avalon is integrated with several popular warehouse management systems.

Our Avalon service gives you an affordable option with our EDI for a flat monthly fee service. That means there are no trading partner setup fees, no transaction fees, no VAN fees, no mapping fees and no hidden fees. When a new warehousing customer asks you for EDI, you know exactly what it’s going to cost each month with Avalon. That makes a better business model especially when it increases your profit margin on warehousing accounts.
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