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EDI is still the driving force behind electronic ordering but it's not just about EDI anymore. You also receive orders from other sources including online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, a shopping cart on your web site; plus, you might use an in house order entry system. The orders make their way to your accounting, ERP or WMS software and eventually get shipped to the customers by your warehouse.

Avalon brings all your sources and destinations for orders together into a single cohesive system through connections. Avalon connections reach out to your EDI customers, online marketplace, shopping cart, etc. throughout the day to collect your orders. Avalon then passes the orders to your accounting, ERP or WMS software through integration. If you use a 3PL warehouse, Avalon connects to their warehouse management system too.
You-Avalon-Your Customers
No two companies require the same connections and it can be frustrating trying to keep up and manage. Avalon has thousand of combinations of connectors at your disposal. Let us do the difficult stuff while you keep your efforts focused on fulfilling orders and making customers happy.

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We collect orders
from any source, in any format.


More connections doesn't
cost you more.


You manage one connection
to us, we manage the rest.

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