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Integral 2020

  • Office Expansion
    In November 2017, our office space expanded to nearly double in size. Four new staff members joined us this year and there's plenty of room to accommodate more growth as we near 2020.
  • A Message from the CEO
    Tamas Perlaky

    A Message from the CEO

    In December 2016 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our company. It was amazing to look back at all that we’ve accomplished, the solutions we’ve built, and the wonderful clients we’ve had the privilege of serving.

    As 2017 approached, we began working on our vision of what the future might hold, and we’re thrilled to share it with you now!

    Integral 2020 is a lighthearted look at the serious progress we’ve got planned for the next three years. In keeping with the superhero theme we introduced a few years ago, Integral 2020 is presented as a comic book that describes all the key aspects of our business and how we intend to grow them.

    Our hope is that by clearly stating our vision and sharing it, we can all work together to make it a reality. As Integral grows and develops, we will provide expanded solutions for our clients and partners, so think of this as a preview of what we are working on for you.

    Our mission has always been to support our clients in every way possible, and we work hard to ensure that they think of us as superheroes. Thank you for letting us share our vision of the future. We look forward to hearing from you should you wish to discuss our plans or have any questions about Integral Group.

    Tamas Perlaky
Integral Vision 2020
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