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What does it take to make a team of EDI Superheroes?

As our loyal readers know, we are very proud of our Integral Group team of EDI Superheroes. Forgive us if we seem immodest, but we call ourselves Superheroes because our customers tell us we are unsurpassed at the technical aspects of EDI and unrivaled at ensuring that doing EDI is a positive experience for our customers. Candidly, we work diligently to make that happen.

All of our talented team operates on a rock-solid foundation of 30+ years of EDI experience; the powerful convergence of forward-thinking people, technology and infrastructure.

We thought it might be interesting to give you a bit of an overview of what hard and soft skills that we bring to every customer engagement. Even as we say that, we need to add that there are intangibles – more intrinsic than soft skills – like heart and dedication - that are at the very core of every one of our team.

So … what would the resume look like for someone who embodied the whole Integral Group EDI Superhero team? Since we created Clarkson to represent all of us, without actually being any one of us individually, let’s have a look at what his resume would look like.

The actual CV’s of our team are highly complex, of course. We have people with 10, 20, and even 30 years of industry experience. Some of our team comes from fortune 500 companies, some from smaller organizations, some directly from college or university. Some of our team have been in the industry their whole careers, some from industry adjacent fields and some we chose simply because they were the right fit for our team and the hard skills could be taught.

This is what Clarkson’s resume might look like if it was a single page … we are not going to bore you with all of the minutia that you’d likely see on an actual resume.

If you'd like to learn more, there are lots of ways for you do that, for instance:

  • Once you've had a look below, you may feel like you know Clarkson, and want to reach out to him directly at clarkson@integralgroup.ca
  • Or, our Director of Sales, Lee, can also tell you about our team and our services … give him a call at 905.947.1774 x 110 or email him at lee@integralgroup.ca

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