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What does Golden Pizza mean to the Superheroes of Integral Group?

As some of you may remember from our post last year, our whole team gets together for a pizza lunch once a month. During that lunch the Golden Pizza Award is presented to the winner in recognition of excellence in living our values and principles. The winner is chosen by their peers.

This year, reflecting on the award, we wondered what it means to each person.

◉ What does it mean that the company has the lunch and the award?
◉ What does it mean to nominate your peers?
◉ What does it mean to win the award?

So, we asked all of our Superheroes – no one can express their sentiments as well as they did … here’s what they said:

(While the responses included in this post were chosen randomly, they are listed in alphabetical order – just because. A listing of all of the Golden Pizza Award winners is at the bottom of this post.)

[Andrea] “It is nice to let people know that we noticed them being awesome, going above and beyond for a client or colleague.

While many of us try to do our best without expecting recognition, human nature dictates that it is still nice to know that someone appreciates what you do/did or noticed you.

Our goal with the golden pizza award is to do just that, and also to have our staff consciously thinking about our target behaviours and core values every day, as they go about their day, and at least once a month when it is time to nominate for the award.

[Andrew] “I believe the Golden Pizza provides us a good channel to show our appreciation to the good work of everyone.”

[Anthony] “For me, Golden Pizza is a way for the company to come together, socialize as one body, relax a bit, and congratulate not only excellence in the company, but recognizing those who see it in their colleagues. I have nominated and have been nominated, individually as well as collaboratively. It's a great feeling to know you're being noticed in a way that helps the company, your teammates, etc. As well, it's a great feeling to know that your highlighting of someone has also been noticed.

For a small company, Golden Pizza really means something great. It's a more personal engagement.”

[Blair] “The Golden Pizza to me means a chance to recognize and celebrate an individual that goes above and beyond. It’s great to hear the stories about my coworkers delivering excellence and inspires me to do the same.

I have nominated someone when they truly owned it and completely handled an issue that I was myself very confused about. Every step they took time to notify the customer with updates, gave me clear directions on what they needed from me and delivered truly excellent service.

I’ve won once and at the time I honestly felt that I didn’t deserve it. But it was the first project I largely tackled all on my own and in the end it did what it was supposed to do. Looking back I now realize that this was a big step in becoming the independent and problem solving developer that I am now.”

[Celestial] “I love the idea of recognizing and highlighting an employee’s hard work and/or efforts every month. This motivates us to be a better asset to the company and in return, it creates a positive working environment, improves customer service, and a great reminder to practice the company’s core values.

I especially like seeing the trophy sitting on my desk because it is an indication that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and makes you feel valued and appreciated as an employee at Integral.”

[Debra] “I think the Golden Pizza Award is a tangible reinforcement of our commitment to living our principles and values every day. A lot of companies talk about a culture of excellence, but few have it woven into the fabric of day to day business: We do. Everyone here does an excellent job so being chosen to win the award is an honour.”

[Jim] “It means being recognized that you are doing a great job by your peers. It is especially nice when those peers are in other departments who may not be directly effected by your hard work...but they still are able to notice that hard work.”

[Julie] “I think it’s great there is some recognition of the efforts made to live the core values.

I also like that it's peers recommending each other, everyone helping each other (rather than a manager ‘watching’ everyone’s every move – so to speak).

It’s a personal thing for me to not relish the spotlight when I was nominated, and I won. I like doing what I do below the radar. Having the public recognition is something I struggle with as that is not my goal.”

[Lakshan] “The Golden Pizza shows me that Integral is making an initiative to show direct appreciation to individuals. I think it helps boost morale and a sense of community when a person is recognized for their effort. I try to nominate someone that I feel promotes us as a group of people working towards the same goal. Usually it's something that stands out and I would like to show appreciation to them. When I have won, it reaffirms that I am doing the right thing and I gain confidence as a team member.”

[Tanya] “The monthly golden pizza shows, to me, the heart of the company. We get together and chat over food, like a family, seeing those we don’t usually interact with on a daily basis.”

[Vithya] “Integral staff recognize themselves as being the EDI superheroes and the Golden Pizza acts as a beacon to bring out the superpower amongst each individual.

It helps us tap into potential, encourages us to push beyond our limits and never stop. In my view, I see the Golden Pizza as a symbol of unity, strength and excellence among the Integral family. And with those core values, wonderful things can be achieved.”

[Zoli] “Bonding”
(it probably doesn’t need to be said that Zoli is a man of few words!)

Every one of our Superheroes lives our principles and values every day.

These are our Golden Pizza Awards Winners to date:

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