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Does it make sense to DIY EDI?

Does it make sense to DIY EDI?
DIY versus Professional Services

The abundance of reality TV and YouTube videos might lead one to believe that Do-It-Yourselfers can do anything, and save huge amounts of money, as long as they have the desire, basic skills and a can-do attitude. With those attributes, so it would go, your results can be every bit as good as those of a professional.

Hmm, well … maybe? And in many cases “maybe” verges on the optimistic. And then, leaving hard earned skills and experience aside, does it necessarily even make sense to try?

So, let’s talk about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) EDI versus outsourcing to a service provider like Integral Group. Just because you can DIY, doesn’t always mean that you should …

Day-to-Day Priorities:
Your team is charged with the day-to-day functioning of your operation and that often means that specialized projects, like EDI, get neglected in favour of the current fires and general must-do’s. With Integral Group you get a team of dedicated EDI resources.

If you DIY EDI you are also responsible for your own oversight – making sure all errors are caught and corrected. Integral Group has event monitoring infrastructure in place to identify and resolve issues in real time.

Learning Curve:
You are an expert at what you do – but not at everything. And, certainly, you can hire internal talent. But specialized functions, like EDI compliance and integration, have a steep learning curve. Development and implementation of a successful EDI solution requires internal talent that spans multiple disciplines. When you outsource to Integral Group, you gain full EDI and integration skills without adding to your internal staff.

The $$$ to DIY:
Sure, it seems less expensive to just ‘do it yourself’, but cost saving isn’t always the actual final outcome. If your technical resources are not dedicated to EDI, the complex processes will likely take them longer and potential errors could cost you even more money. At Integral Group, our team knows what to do and how to avoids costly mistakes and our flat rate pricing means EDI is a predictable expense.

Knowledge, Experience and Resources:
Your success depends on you being an industry insider … in your industry. The same is true for us: At Integral Group we have 30 years of EDI industry experience and a seasoned team of developers, integration specialists and support personnel at your disposal.

If you do have your internal IT department focus on EDI, it could distract them from the other tasks like your infrastructure, upgrades, migration and cloud initiatives. When you are outsourcing EDI to Integral Group, we assume primary responsibility and your internal team concentrates on your technology growth.

The Unknown:
A truism but nonetheless a concern for an internal team navigating EDI; it is hard to avoid the pitfalls you don’t know are there. There is a lot to know about EDI and one misstep due to lack of knowledge can cost you financially and damage your trading partner relationships. With Integral Group’s preeminent industry knowledge, we already know what to expect. And … our team is here to guide you through your part of the process.

While you may be able to cobble together an EDI and integration system, it may end up cumbersome and difficult to use. With our user-friendly Commerce Desktop platform or our integration with your ERP, you get a smooth, seamless data flow that is used successfully everyday by hundreds of our customers. We also have people dedicated to process improvement, so we are always getting better. Plus, you get unlimited access to our support team. Tried and true … simply … our solution works.

Certainly, you can try to DIY EDI and integration. For some companies that may be a win. For many, however, that ends up wasting precious internal resources. Often the forward-thinking move is to utilize the power of Integral Group and outsource your EDI. If you are ready to make the move, or just interested in exploring options, contact our Director of Sales Lee Mrkonjic to see how we can save you time and money.

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