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Our new website is the resource you need to make your own choices.

At Integral Group, we believe we need to be about more than just providing great outsourcing services. We also need to make sure you have access to information that allows you to understand EDI and make the best choices for your organization: Having the facts allows you to make informed decisions. These days, the first place people turn to for information is the internet.

On the majority of EDI outsourcing websites, there is lots of slick stock photography and some enticing headlines but a dearth of valuable, useable information. We understand that you have your own business to run and stay abreast of current trends; likely you don’t have the bandwidth to also research intricacies of EDI from multiple sources.

The limitation we saw with our previous website, and, in fact, every other EDI outsourcing site we looked at, was a distinct lack of easily digestible information available to the visitor. Navigating EDI alone can be challenging, but now the landscape has become more complicated with shopping carts and marketplaces. Then add in API and integration – accounting, warehouse, shipping and transportation. That represents a huge amount of very specific knowledge.

And so … we’ve launched our new website! At a superficial glance, it may look much like the old one: Our intrepid group of Superheroes standing on our Integral Group topography. But that imagery is where the similarity between old and new ends.

Now ... when you need to know more about EDI and integration but don’t have the time for laborious investigation, come on over to Integral Group’s website where we have compiled information in one easy-to-find location.

At Integral Group, we demystify EDI and integration, and the first step in proving that is when you visit our website. We have created a site that provides the right information, customized to the needs of your business. If that sounds like a big deal … well … it is!

You can access information in the traditional way, using the menu bar across the top. Alternatively, by clicking on icons located on the home page, you can tell us the services you are looking for, the industry you are in or the applications you want to integrate. (see the screen print of our home screen below)

Either method gives you the same wealth of detailed information, specific to what you need to know. It is written in simple language – no flowery overblown jargon that seems at odds with the day-to-day functions that your team performs. Of course, we talk about the specifics of Integral Group’s service offerings: We are proud of them. But we also offer a huge amount of general industry knowledge.

There are charts that show you how the automated processes work for you – step-by-step. To make it even easier, we have produced a video that walks you through one of the charts.

Ultimately, we believe we have provided information to allow you to make your own choices.

Our new website was created to be a resource; whether you are new to the industry, want to do a little research to expand your knowledge or find a new EDI service provider. We’d love to hear what you think of the new site. As always, if you have any questions or would like more information, just give Lee a call.

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