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Results of our Customer Experience Survey

At Integral Group, we strive daily to do good work, to provide an excellent service and to be attentive to our customers’ needs. We believe we do a good job but, ultimately, we are only as good as our customers say we are.

To find out how well we are actually doing, we did the only thing that made sense ... we asked our customers.

Last fall we surveyed our customers to both find out how we are performing and give them a forum to express themselves. The survey was sent via email and available on our Commerce Desktop notice board. For anyone who didn’t take part in the survey, we hope to hear from you next time.

First, thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. We appreciate the time you spent to tell us your experiences in order to help us improve. We’ve reviewed and compiled the results and would like to share them with you. The responses were largely positive, but some did highlight areas for improvement.

We found that our customers continue to work with Integral Group because they trust our service and our commitment to follow-through. Customers lauded our support and ongoing training (always available and unlimited as part of our service for every customer). They appreciate that our pricing is transparent: Our competitors tend to hide their costly fees.

Our customers are confident in Integral Group’s ability to address and correct any issues quickly. The vast majority spoke to the responsiveness and high skill level of our support team. The team members, themselves, were characterized as empathetic, communicative and friendly. Customers place great value on our availability and the fact that calls are answered by live people who talk with them; no pre-written scripts. Customers said our support team listens to what they are saying and have the technical expertise to address the concerns. We were delighted to hear that our support team is perceived helpful and authentic, focused on supporting customers.

Our customers also talked about specific development projects that went well, the ease of using our Commerce Desktop platform and the ability to modify their environment to their needs. There was also a shout-out for our superhero branding and for our enhanced levels of communication – our industry related blog posts and the newsletters keeping you abreast of what our team is doing.

While there is always room for improvement, it is still gratifying to hear that we are satisfying our customers.

We also asked for examples of how we’d failed to meet customers’ expectations. The positive take-away is that there were no huge surprises. The customers who felt let down spoke to issues we were aware of and were already endeavoring to remediate.

We asked customers ‘if you had the Superpower to change anything with our services, what would it be?’: Some of the most requested ideas paralleled what we currently have in various stages of development and implementation.

Here are the top 3 customer requests:

- a comprehensive user guide
- to see data transfer in real time
- an updated UI and enhanced functionality

We are always interested in what our customers have to say … positive or negative. We encourage our customers to reach out to us at any time if you have something you feel our management team should be aware of.

Andrea Lovrics, President, 905.947.1774 x 106 alovrics@integralgroup.ca

Ricardo Salazar, Manager, Implementation and Support, 905.947.1774 x 112 rsalazar@integralgroup.ca

Lee Mrkonjic, Director of Sales and Marketing, 905.947.1774 x 110 lee@integralgroup.ca

The results of the survey show us that we are successful in building trust and long-lasting customer relationships. Further, that our service consistently exceeds expectations, which results in positive customer experiences: We will continue to provide high levels of service and support and always be looking for ways to improve. We appreciate all of the feedback.

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