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Origins of Integral Group name and logo

We had a sign made for our reception area and it was installed this week. Objectively, it is lovely ... elegant in its simplicity. As we gathered to watch it being installed (and, yes, clearly we are those people) a story emerged about the origins of our logo that was news to most of us. We’d like to share it with you and to do that you will need a little background.

If you have been following our blogs you likely already know that Integral Group has been an EDI service provider for over 30 years … if you are new to our blog posts you know it now. The company was founded by Emma Perlaky in 1986 and, although Emma is no longer active in the business, it is still family run.

Emma grew up in Communist Hungary and became a mathematician specializing in abstract algebra. Her analytical mind lead her to the burgeoning field of computer programming. After working for IBM, Emma and two colleagues went out on their own and formed Integral Consulting.

The basis for the name and the first logo was the mathematical integral sign.

The original logo circa 1986:

After 27 years the logo was due for a refresh and 2013 saw the debut of the new logo you know today.

It is fascinating to think of the history of a company that spans over three decades. Even more so to reflect on the mathematical symbol representing integration that is prominent in our service offerings today.

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