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Giving Back this Fall

When we started this newsletter almost a year ago part of what we wanted to communicate was about the people and culture behind Integral Group: What we are doing and what we are working to achieve over and above EDI. Our community support initiatives are a big part of that.

Our Giving Back committee is the force behind our community outreach. Shout out to the group who toils to organize Integral Group charitable events. Thank you to Celestial, Julie and Lee as the unsung heroes that uncover the needs, make the calls and sweat the details before, during and after events. And they got us all our cool red Integral Group t-shirts.

They have arranged a full fall schedule:

Starting September 24th, and running until October 4th, we will have a Fall Food Drive in support of Markham Food Bank. On the last day, we move the collection to the lobby of our building where we hope to encourage our neigbouring tenants to join in the cause. Based on history, our fairly small group will likely collect an impressive amount of food and you will hear more when we report on the outcome of the event.

On October 4th, too … back by popular demand … is our bake sale also supporting Markham Food Bank. There is something about home baked goodies that brings out the kid in all of us and people begin to queue up before the food is all out. Last time there was a general ‘I ate too much but for a good cause’ glow.

Last year our Giving Back committee set up a Holiday Helpers' ‘Santa’s Warehouse Elves’ day and it was a truly amazing experience. We spent an afternoon wrapping Christmas gifts for needy families and we are going to do that again this year in early December. Lest you get an image of a dozen gifts on your dining room table – our 3 teams wrapped about 400 gifts. Additionally, some of our team did heavy lifting and moved gifts from the warehouse to the wrapping tables.

We were so impressed with Holiday Helpers that we wanted to increase our participation this year. We were a bit humbled by the generosity of the people who provided the mountain of gifts that we wrapped last year. As we understand it, each recipient family member created a Christmas wish list and the donors purchased thoughtful and truly lovely items for each member of ‘their’ assigned family. This year, Integral Group is going to sponsor a recipient family. We will tell you more about how it actually unfolds later in the year.

Stay tuned for more details and pictures after the events.

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