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Golden Pizza Award - A Culture of Excellence

Here at Integral Group our Golden Pizza Award recognizes excellence. The award speaks to the very essence of who we are, as a team and individually.

Perhaps you are wondering ... why an award and why pizza? (It is not an award for the person who makes the best pizza – although that is a delicious idea)

The Integral Group Golden Pizza Award is given to the person whose actions best exemplify our core values and guiding principles. It is awarded monthly to the team member who demonstrates their passion to be, and to do, the best. The winner is chosen by their peers in recognition of exceptional effort.

And it is a ‘Golden Pizza’ – because, well, we really like pizza. We have a monthly pizza lunch to spend some time exchanging stories and enjoying each other and the award sprang out of that.

At Integral Group we are very proud of our strong, positive culture. We are a cohesive team of people whose attitudes and actions embody our values – not just 8 hours a day but always, because each of us believes in them. The way we act towards each other and our customers comes from authenticity, genuine caring, and a desire to provide a great experience for our coworkers and customers. Our Integral Group of Superheroes are living our culture and by doing so, have shaped it.

We are guided by 5 principles that hold true no matter the scope of the issue at hand. It can be a simple act of kindness, a minor support concern or the build of a complex process.


For anything we take on, we assume responsibility and ensure everything possible is done: We make sure all resources are marshalled to achieve a positive conclusion. We are invested in the successful outcome. Throughout this process – be it a single phone call or an issue spanning several days – we make certain we communicate the progress.

Understanding what is being said and the nature of the concern is a crucial first step. Valuable communication can only occur if we listen carefully, gather all of the facts, and ascertain what is being asked of us.

We look past the superficial. Every communication is about finding out what is actually going on. Resolving the symptoms might be easy, the challenge, and the value, is in identifying and fixing the root cause.

We commit to seeing every undertaking through to completion and communicate openly throughout. Doing good work is important, but completing the job is equally so, and everyone involved needs to know what is going on.

Making sure that everyone is heard, supported, and valued is the basis of all of our relationships. It is important to communicate praise and appreciation and to help those around us to succeed: At Integral Group, we believe that any one success is a success for us all.

Everyone at Integral Group has banded together to shape our culture. When you walk into our office you are enveloped in a positive atmosphere. The work is taken very seriously but within a framework of ease and comradery. All of us genuinely care about what we are doing and who we helping, and this authenticity is readily apparent.

A defining characteristic of Integral Group is that we are a company that is built to serve rather than built to sell. We are an EDI service provider – we do exceptional work and are committed to excellence and innovation. But overarching that is our commitment to all of our team members, and to all of our customers, to live and work by our guiding principles.

You can read more about what goes on inside Integral Group in our Integral 2020 Vision.

If Integral Group sounds like a company that you would like to be doing business with, please call Lee Mrkonjic our Director of Sales and Marketing.
You can download Lee's vCard here: LeeMrkonjic.vcf

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