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Making EDI Profitable for 3PLs

3PL Americas Magazine from IWLA published an article I wrote for the summer 2016 issue titled “Making EDI Profitable for 3PLs”. The article explains the origins of EDI pricing and how the Internet has opened the door to subscription based pricing for EDI.

In the article you will see that the formula for making EDI profitable for 3PLs is quite simple. However, for it to work, you will need an EDI service that charges you a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of trading partners or transactions each month. That means no variable fees whatsoever.

Integral Group is the only service provider in the Canada and the United States that openly offers EDI for a flat monthly fee with no trading partner setup fees, no mapping fees, no VAN fees and no transaction fees. We’re taking the lead in the industry and you can take advantage of even lower EDI costs.

See the full article on page 34 in 3PL Americas.

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