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Introducing ... Our New Superhero

‘Whose caricature should be the public face of Integral Group?’… this has been the subject of much debate internally. Ideally, we’d have a superhero who could represent all of us, without actually being any one of us individually. And so ...

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Origins of Integral Group name and logo

If you have been following our blogs you likely already know that Integral Group has been an EDI service provider for over 30 years … if you are new to our blog posts you know it now. The company was founded by Emma Perlaky in 1986 and, although Emma is no longer active in the business, it is still family run.

It is fascinating to think of the history of a company that spans over three decades. Even more so to reflect on the mathematical symbol representing integration that is prominent in our service offerings today.

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What on our walls .. a curated gallery of prints

Our walls are now a gallery of photos all taken by our staff. You can get a quick look on the video above to see some of the canvases. Each of the large canvas prints is accompanied by a quote that speaks to the core values and guiding principles that that drives what we do.

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