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Does it make sense to DIY EDI?

Does it make sense to DIY EDI?
DIY versus Professional Services

The abundance of reality TV and YouTube videos might lead one to believe that Do-It-Yourselfers can do anything, and save huge amounts of money, as long as they have the desire, basic skills and a can-do attitude. With those attributes, so it would go, your results can be every bit as good as those of a professional.

Certainly, you can try to DIY EDI and integration. For some companies that may be a win. For many, however, that ends up wasting precious internal resources. Often the forward-thinking move is to utilize the power of Integral Group and outsource your EDI.

Read more for 8 reasons you might actually benefit from outsourcing your EDI to Integral Group.

If you are ready to make the move, or just interested in exploring options, contact our Director of Sales Lee Mrkonjic to see how we can save you time and money.

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Nicely done, Julie!

At Integral Group, we enjoy working with our customers. Our whole company is built on principles geared towards ensuring our customers have a positive experience. That very intrinsic value is top down, bottom up and full-on throughout every part of our organization.

We don’t do good work in order to get recognition – but we won’t lie, humility aside, it feels pretty awesome when a customer tells us we’ve done a good job.

Last month we received a lovely note from RockerMama SVP-General Manager Dan Winter telling us:

“… it has been a pleasure working with Julie Spinelli and the Integral team. Our company, RockerMama, is new to drop ship and EDI, and truly would not be successful without the guidance/knowledge Julie has provided through the process. She is extremely responsive and we consider her a valuable part of the extended team. We are very happy with Integral group and look forward to continuing to build a mutually successful partnership. Keep up the fantastic work.”

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Results of our Customer Experience Survey

At Integral Group, we strive daily to do good work, to provide an excellent service and to be attentive to our customers’ needs. We believe we do a good job but, ultimately, we are only as good as our customers say we are.

To find out how well we are actually doing, we did the only thing that made sense ... we asked our customers. Last fall we surveyed our customers to both find out how we are performing and give them a forum to express themselves.

The results of the survey show us that we are successful in building trust and long-lasting customer relationships. Further, that we consistently provide a good service which results in positive customer experiences: We will continue to provide high levels of service and support and always be looking for ways to improve. We appreciate all of the feedback.

We are always interested in what our customers have to say … positive or negative. We encourage our customers to reach out to us at any time if you have something you feel our management team should be aware of.

Andrea Lovrics, President, 905.947.1774 x 106 alovrics@integralgroup.ca

Ricardo Salazar, Manager, Implementation and Support, 905.947.1774 x 112 rsalazar@integralgroup.ca

Lee Mrkonjic, Director of Sales and Marketing, 905.947.1774 x 110 lee@integralgroup.ca

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