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Why Being a Family Business Matters

Why Being a Family Business Matters

The image at the top of this post is a print that hangs in our Integral Group office. We didn’t write the quote, but it speaks to who we are as a family business. For our customers, there are tangible and intangible benefits to working with a family business, but the essence of that distills to integrity, trust and moral clarity.

Benefits are, of course, subjective and not something that can be assigned globally: The attributes we are going to talk about do not necessarily apply to all family businesses but certainly do to Integral Group. As to the value to you? … You be the judge.

Long-term Vision - Integral Group is in it for the long haul.

Being Nimble - quick decisions, innovative culture, setting the bar high.

Flexibility - One thing you never hear at Integral Group is “that’s not my job”. Success is everyone’s job.

Commitment - We love what we do. We work hard – at the everyday tasks of servicing our customers and at the vision for what we will achieve in the future.

Values and Principles - Without a single exception, we have a great team here at Integral Group. Everyone is committed to the values and principles that guide the company:

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The IWLA Directory is Here!

IWLA Directory

Get your free downloadable copy
of this great resource

Integral Group has been a been a member of IWLA for about 6 years and find our association with the group invaluable. We use it to stay abreast of this dynamic industry that we service.

If you are a 3PL, and not currently an IWLA member, we encourage you to join. Membership lets you stay in touch with your peers and have access to data, programs, legal counsel and guidance. And, be highly visible for suppliers looking for your services with the added bonus of the credibility of IWLA.

For suppliers, the Directory in particular, is an unparalleled tool to find 3PL’s in your area. As IWLA members, suppliers also have access to the same wealth of insider information and support.

IWLA and DC Velocity collaborated to produce the 2019/2020 Directory of Warehouse Logistics Providers and Partners. There are more than 341,000 subscribers who have already received the guide and have potential buying power.

The guide is a good marketing tool/resource to generate external business, as well as a “go-to-guide” for our members to connect with each other.

Join IWLA today to ensure your company is listed in the 2020/2021 directory and receive other IWLA membership benefits. For more information, contact the membership director at membership@IWLA.com. Download the 2019/2020 Directory of Warehouse Logistics Providers & Partners today and experience the power of marketing and networking for your 3PL warehouse.

Michele Schueler
Marketing & Public Relations Manager at IWLA

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Does it make sense to DIY EDI?

Does it make sense to DIY EDI?
DIY versus Professional Services

The abundance of reality TV and YouTube videos might lead one to believe that Do-It-Yourselfers can do anything, and save huge amounts of money, as long as they have the desire, basic skills and a can-do attitude. With those attributes, so it would go, your results can be every bit as good as those of a professional.

Certainly, you can try to DIY EDI and integration. For some companies that may be a win. For many, however, that ends up wasting precious internal resources. Often the forward-thinking move is to utilize the power of Integral Group and outsource your EDI.

Read more for 8 reasons you might actually benefit from outsourcing your EDI to Integral Group.

If you are ready to make the move, or just interested in exploring options, contact our Director of Sales Lee Mrkonjic to see how we can save you time and money.

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