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File or API Integration: Which is Better?

Technology hype might tell you that API is always better than file transfer for integration – it’s new and it’s fast and happens in real-time. That’s all true; however, while it all sounds great, is isn’t the whole picture. The truth is, both methods have their place, and neither is a one-size-fits-all answer.

API vs. file transfer is not a choice you that you make based on technology hype. In fact it is quite likely that you will need to employ both methods.

And while the broad-strokes details are useful for you to know, you don’t need to dive into the code and understand every technical detail surrounding data integration. The only real choice that you need to make to select the right integration service provider.

If you are looking for an order management service provider that can handle both API and file transfer seamlessly and transparently, give Lee a call to discuss all of your data integration requirements.

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Do you lose business because you are not EDI capable?

EDI facilitates a continuous stream of data in a standard format that flows from supplier to customer. If your business intersects at any point in the chain, and you are not EDI capable, you become the broken link. Or, more likely, companies simply don’t use your services.

Some 3PLs are a good case in point. Because they are not a direct link to the manufacture/retailer relationship the directive to use EDI is not clear cut. But there are a number of 900 series documents that are part of being EDI capable.

As a supplier, who relies on warehousing and distribution, you need to choose a 3PL company that is EDI capable.

As a 3PL you expand your potential customer base if you have EDI connectivity.

EDI connectivity has enormous value to your 3PL business both for internal operations and the ability to service your current (and future) customers.

Good News!
EDI can actually save you money and integrate with your existing systems.

With so much to gain, when 3PLs consider adding EDI connectivity, the question is more “why not?” than it is ‘why?’. Take the first step by giving our Director of Sales Lee Mrkonjic a call and he can walk you through all of the benefits and our EDI services.

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EDI - Why pay more?

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