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Giving Back ... Donating blood

On Friday October 4th, an Integral Team donated blood. It is only the second time we’ve done it as a group and, frankly, we couldn’t feel better about having participated.

There is a great quote in the Canadian Blood Services annual report – though from the perspective of the recipient – that so very aptly describes this act of charity and compassion as a "literal and powerful way to give of yourself."

We are happy that we did it.

Read more to find out why John (above, right) is especially happy.

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Fall Bake Sale (with bonus recipe)

Let’s start with the finances because the goal of the event is all about how much we are able to raise for the Food Bank. Each time we hold the bake sale we do a bit better than the time before. For this sale – we shocked ourselves. We raised $641. We counted, then counted again and then debated whether that was even possible: (it was)

A huge thank you to everyone who brought in food. One standout favourite at every sale has been the carrot cake, so, as a special feature for this post, Mayce Salazar (our superhero Ricardo's wife) shared her recipe. Integral’s founder made a special trip in to shop at the bake sale – despite the nasty weather. Her contribution was over-the-top generous – thank you Emma for your support!

Besides benefitting a very worthwhile cause, the bake sale was just fun. There was a positive energy, a sense of camaraderie and community. Thank you to everyone who came to the sale – you guys are the best and truly embraced the spirit of giving.

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GoodLife Spin4Kids - Helping Kids with Special Needs

Click 'read more' to find out about this event, our fundraising efforts and how our team came to be involved.

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