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What does it take to make a team of EDI Superheroes?

As our loyal readers know, we are very proud of our Integral Group team of EDI Superheroes. Forgive us if we seem immodest, but we call ourselves Superheroes because our customers tell us we are unsurpassed at the technical aspects of EDI and unrivalled at ensuring that doing EDI is a positive experience for our customers. Candidly, we work diligently to make that happen.

All of our talented team operates on a rock-solid foundation of 30+ years of EDI experience; people, technology and infrastructure.

We thought it might be interesting to give you a bit of an overview of what hard and soft skills you’d need to amass to create your own EDI team that could parallel ours. Even as we say that, we need to add that there are intangibles – more intrinsic than soft skills – like heart and dedication - that are at the very core of every one of our team.

Since we created Clarkson to represent all of us, without actually being any one of us individually, let’s have a look at what his resume would look like.

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Using FTP, AS2 or VAN - what do they mean and what are the differences?

Using FTP, AS2 or VAN - what do they mean and what are the differences?

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Why Being a Family Business Matters

Why Being a Family Business Matters

The image at the top of this post is a print that hangs in our Integral Group office. We didn’t write the quote, but it speaks to who we are as a family business. For our customers, there are tangible and intangible benefits to working with a family business, but the essence of that distills to integrity, trust and moral clarity.

Benefits are, of course, subjective and not something that can be assigned globally: The attributes we are going to talk about do not necessarily apply to all family businesses but certainly do to Integral Group. As to the value to you? … You be the judge.

Long-term Vision - Integral Group is in it for the long haul.

Being Nimble - quick decisions, innovative culture, setting the bar high.

Flexibility - One thing you never hear at Integral Group is “that’s not my job”. Success is everyone’s job.

Commitment - We love what we do. We work hard – at the everyday tasks of servicing our customers and at the vision for what we will achieve in the future.

Values and Principles - Without a single exception, we have a great team here at Integral Group. Everyone is committed to the values and principles that guide the company:

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